Solo Sailing

Recently, I found a blog of a 16 years old girl set out to become the youngest soloer to circumnavigate the Earth. Yikes, that takes dedication. The closest thing to an adventure I have come to is traversing Hyrule in Legend of Zelda, which is only a videogame. I know, sad. 🙂 The other interesting thing to note in the About page:

Anything outdoors and on the water, camping, the beach, reading, cooking, weather, fencing, dingy sailing, boat design and CHOCOLATE!

See that? She upped me by capping chocolate. That already makes this blog the second best in the world.

Also, me, being a science guy (especially astronomy), has another thing of interest (thanks to Universe Today) is this entry:

I’m not much of an Astronomer but with all this talk of meteor showers last night, I was keeping an extra good eye out and did see the most amazing shooting star. It was so bright and big that I was actually a bit spooked before realizing what it was. But I can’t tell you what I wished for though!

Bright and big… Hmm… Was the meteor as cool as this?


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