Alternative Does Not Make It Right

While I was playing the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, a very fun, hilarious visual novel/videogame about a rookie defense attorney, I found the following amusing scene:

While fiddling around the “Ace Detective” Luke Atmey’s room (ha! get the name? the series is filled with puns) to gather evidence for a trial, I examined the chemistry set. What follows is the funny dialogue above. She asks, “Did you know?” and say that water is made of carbon and hydrogen. Phoenix responds that it is oxygen and hydrogen. And then, you can see  what happens in the next two dialogues up there, ending with Phoenix’s sarcastic thought:

“If by alternative, you mean the ones you make up inside that head of yours.”

I find this funny and at the same time, I can relate to it. And you probably find it funny too. Now, you might laugh at them, but have you ever considered that they are poking fun at some of us too? After all, real people do come out and tell you things that seems without substance on the premise that it is alternative, and that there are multiple points of views. *cough*alt-med*cough*

I wish I could show that joke to everyone who tells me about alternative whatever. Because really, these people end up looking as silly as Maya does up there when she tells us that water is carbon and oxygen. Those people, then, would kind of understand why I don’t think what they are saying is true. They would know that A: Their claims are unsubstantiated and B: They made it up. Whatever they told people were not based on prior, existing knowledge or, and I know it is redundant, the facts were not substatiated. See, if they would have had the evidence, they wouldn’t look silly.

I tell you, this joke teaches us more lessons than an entire day in high school. 🙂


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