Why Uranus Is My Favorite Planet and Other Links

-Uranus is my favorite thing in the Solar System. I mean look at that giant blob of smooth, blue haze. It’s hypnotizing, isn’t it? Unfortunatel, it is also marred by its name. Why did the Greeks have to name it that way? 😦 They should have forseen the existance of English!

(via badastronomy)

-My not so posting of the link to Carnival of Space.

-The story of the Big Bang, as told by Mr. Siegel: Part 1 and Part 2

-Very cool annular eclipse pics from Universe Today. Annular eclipse happens when Earth is in the closes point to the sun (around January) and the moon is the furthest point from Earth, and they line up. So what happens is that the moon is slightly smaller than the sun. Very cool:

Link to the guy who took the picture is here. And apparently, there is a group called the Eclipse Hunt 2010. They took a lot of cool pics too. Anyways, Universe Today has more links to the eclipse than I could ever provide, so help yourself.

There was also an astropic of the day from yesterday which has an eclipse, which is worth the Holy Crap!:

-Finally, astropic of the day in January 19 is… *drum rolls*

Cool Martian landscape!


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