Links, 03/31/10

Firstly, a new fascinating finding from Cassini spacecraft. Not only does Mimas look like a Death Star, in the infrared, it also looks like Pac Man eating a pellet. that just raises the coolness factor of the moon by a magnitude or two:

See why I love astronomy? There are always cool things like these being discovered. Of course, there are always cool things being discovered in science, but I find these personally to be much more exciting than all the other ones.

Secondly, a very surprising look to what would have happened to Apollo 13 astronauts if they would have failed in their reentry to Earth after the oxygen tank explosion:

(both stories a courtesy from Universe Today)

Finally, a very cool math video. There is no need for me to describe this one. Trust me, just watch and be amazed:

(from grrlscientist)


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