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Man, my favorite show 24 is over. I feel sad now, especially since the ending was sad too. 😦

I am bittersweet on my feelings over the show ending. On one hand, I love the show, one of the most entertaining one I have ever watched. On the other hand, considering this season’s earlier weak storytelling, it seems like it is ready to jump the shark. After all, how many terrorist plot can the writers manage to come up with until the whole thing becomes tiring? Honestly, considering the real time aspect and the difficulty in writing this show, I am surprised that the show lasted this long, and I am glad it did.

Anyways, I really liked the finale episode. It is quiet reminiscent of season 4 finale. While there were very few action scenes, there were many tense scenes and mements which stood out. Firstly, Gregory Itzin as Charles Logan was awesome. I think he earned his place as 24’s best villain. The actor’s performance of his cowardiance, ambition, megalomania, and manipulative personality was outstanding. Everytime Logan opened his mouth to president Taylor, it felt like the devil was channeling him. I say that he must get an Emmy for this role.

Other great moments include Chloe’s confrontation with Jack and the way she had to decide whether to shoot him or not. That was the best moment in the whole episode, and even though I knew Jack wouldn’t die, it was incredibly tense, each one shouting at each other, Jack yelling that there was no other way while Chloe expressing that she couldn’t do it. Meanwhile, time was running out as CTU came to crack down on Jack. Other standout moments include Jack biting off Pillar’s ears, president Taylor’s conflict with herself and Dalia Hassan and her eventual redemption, Charles Logan’s suicide when he learned there was no escape, Jack’s last stand when he was about to get killed, and finally, the bittersweet goodbye between Jack and Chloe. Chloe finally gets her thanks for helping him throughout all those years, and then that is it. Jack Bauer is on the run, and they have to disconnect.

After Chloe’s and 24’s last words: “Shut it down”, there is a cool countdown (which I did in this post’s title) which seals the finality of it all. Overall, while Jack survives, there is an air of sadness and emptiness, since Jack can’t ever go back to America, Taylor has to face the consequences of her action, Chloe, most probably, won’t be able to see one of her best friend ever again, and finally, I won’t be able to catch another new episode of 24 ever again.


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