The Three Planets

This is a brilliant time to watch the skies, since Venus, Mars, and Saturn will be readily visible, if the sky is clear, of course. So, all heads turn toward the West where the sun set! This video will explain:

And in fact, just by coincidence, I managed to find Venus above the moon (obvious because it is the brightest thing up there asides from the moon and the sun) and managed to grab two pictures. They are not great, but still kind of cool. After all, we don’t exactly look up and find planets for a good portion of our lives. So I enjoy the sight and satisfaction of having found one whenever I can:

I took these after returning home, so I quickly went to my house to change, got out, got the camera from inside my father’s car, and then clicked away. By that time, both objects were being obscured by the trees due to Earth’s rotation, so I had to do a few quick ones. And in order to confirm it was Venus, I went on Starry Night Online. Of course, I was right, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about this.


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