How Not To Introduce Casual Audiences To Quantum Mechanics

Like this (start from minute 13): 

So, I was watching the let’s play for the visual novel Remember 11 when something to my interest popped up, which was science. In it, quantum mechanics is used as a sci fi plot device to explain all the mysterious things going on, and it goes in an extremely lengthy exposition in order to explain it. Really lengthy. As you can see, the explanation goes over several videos. While I understand it, how the heck are the general audience supposed to understand that!? Granted, it is in character for the person doing the extremely long exposition, and some of the mysteries do require a lot of explanation. At the same time, they didn’t have add all the jargons in the tips section that explains the explanation because now the explanation that explains the explanation doesn’t explain anything anymore because no one gets it. For example, the mention of quantum bits in the entanglement entry and going off tangent to another tips entry of quantum bits was completely unnecessary, and it was a poor explanation of what entanglement was. Heck, the entanglement entry wasn’t necessary because it was explained in the EPR paradox explanation. And why is there an entry about unitary transformation? Think about the audience! While not all the tips entries are bad, and not everything in quantum mechanics can be explained simply to the lay audience, many of them felt like they were trying to be sophisticated for no reason at all.

By the way, this book is a good example of how you explain quantum mechanics. Although I will admit it kind of is not fair as the book has more than 100 pages to explain everything, the book doesn’t try to bash your head in with the term ‘unitary transformation’.


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