This Is Why You Should Never Read Science From Regular News Media

March 18, 2014

Because they screw it up and spew misinformed drivel like Salon does. If they would have done a modicum of research, they would have found out the discovery is the sign of a gravitational wave embedded in the cosmic microwave background. This is more about the evidence for Alan Gurth, Andrei Linde, etc’s inflationary model, which covers up some of the unsolved gaping hole left by the big bang theory. Yes, the article does talk about the fact that it confirms inflation, but they always mix the facts up with some misinformation. As of yet, there hasn’t been any direct observation of gravitational waves. Not that it matters much because gravitational waves have been confirmed by indirect observations before even this one.  For example, by observing two neutron stars orbiting close to each other, they have found behavior that matches those predicted by the existence of gravitational wave. Seriously, research! Or am I asking too much for a reporter these days?

Rare Snapshot of Rapidly Evolving Star

March 12, 2014

This is filler for my next post in star death, but thought I should show you something relevant to stellar evolution. This one is a yellow hypergiant, in fact, the largest yellow hypergiant discovered. Yellow hypergiants are one stage of a 25 plus solar mass star, and they are very rare. One of the great things about this one is that as decades went by, the swelling and cooling of the star was noticeable. That rarely happens over human lifetimes, as changes in stars happen over millions or billions of years. Another fascinating thing is that the star swelled so large that it is pretty much touching its smaller binary counterpart. I don’t know how exactly this will play out, but as the article says, it will probably affect how the star evolves in the future.