I Hope That Whoever Wrote the Programming Documentations Suffered Grievous Harm From Stepping on Legos

June 12, 2014

I spent hours upon hours trying to install APLpy with pip, trying whichever way to make it work. All because someone couldn’t give a damn about the details so it can be accessed by newcomers. So I am going to do everyone a favor and tell you all how to do this for Windows.

Installing pip itself is easy. Just follow the link, download it, and then double click on the python program. This will install pip by itself. It is the using part that made me want to rip my hair out. And according to a friend, it is kind of Windows fault for sucking so much. Anyways, firstly, turns out, don’t use the python shell. Use the command prompt. Yeah, they don’t tell you that, assuming your average newcomer is a giant computer nerd. Well, not everyone is a computer nerd, they can be a physics nerd like me, OKAY!

Next up, go to the PC icon, right click, properties, advanced system setting button, and go to the advanced tab. There is an option called “change environmental variable”. Click on PATH and edit it so it goes to C:\Python27(mine was python 2.7, yours might be different)\Scripts. NOW you can go to the command prompt and type: pip install name-of-package-from-PyPI-you-want-to-install.

I don’t know why that is and why this ridiculous roundabout way has to exist, but those goddamn writers didn’t even bother to make it easy for new users. They just tell you, “go do this” and expects you to automatically get what to do despite it not being obvious for noobs like me. Someone please hold a writing workshop or something for these people because I have just had it trying to install all these dependencies and making things work.

This Is Why You Should Never Read Science From Regular News Media

March 18, 2014

Because they screw it up and spew misinformed drivel like Salon does. If they would have done a modicum of research, they would have found out the discovery is the sign of a gravitational wave embedded in the cosmic microwave background. This is more about the evidence for Alan Gurth, Andrei Linde, etc’s inflationary model, which covers up some of the unsolved gaping hole left by the big bang theory. Yes, the article does talk about the fact that it confirms inflation, but they always mix the facts up with some misinformation. As of yet, there hasn’t been any direct observation of gravitational waves. Not that it matters much because gravitational waves have been confirmed by indirect observations before even this one.  For example, by observing two neutron stars orbiting close to each other, they have found behavior that matches those predicted by the existence of gravitational wave. Seriously, research! Or am I asking too much for a reporter these days?

Fighting the Security Tool Virus: A Tale of Woe and Tribulations

November 23, 2009

The last three days have been a nightmare. My computer got infected with a virus, and I don’t know how.  The type of virus I got is called a security tool. It is an extremely annoying kind of virus. It basically imitates an antivirus, except that when it scans, it asks you to delete the so called “malignant files”, when in reaility, they are legitimate ones. Then, they ask you to pay for it, thereby stealing your money. The best thing to do is to keep clicking “stay unprotected”. That bastard.

The worst part, though, is not the pop ups. The worst part is that it prevents ALL access to other programs, and it tries to direct you to itself. So, what I did is quickly restart it, and reboot in safe mode with networking. I used the internet to get tips, from which I got my next strategy. I restarted normally, but quickly went to the task menu, ended the process of the virus, which is a string of numbers if you look closely, upgraded the anti malware, quickly scanned it, and got rid of it. All of this was an ordeal onto itself because I didn’t know what to do initially.

Afterwards, the internet explorer didn’t work, so I thought there must have been more nasty buggers. The next step was to use an antivirus to quarentine and destroy the rest of the viruses. That one took 2 hours of scanning. But when I got rid of them, I thought it was all over, but nope. Internet explorer was busted, Mozilla Firefox wasn’t. I tried downloading and reinstalling internet explorer, but to no avail. Instead, I checked the internet, and I found a certain patch which recovered the missing files I thought the virus or antivirus deleted. When I reseted it, though… *WWHEEEeeeuuuu….* When the screen got to administrator selection screen, it froze, all the freaking time. No matter how much I reseted it. I gave up for that day and went to sleep. Hoped somebody would just shoot me in the head.

Fortunately, my brother, using some sort of reboot, fixed it. Internet explorer still doesn’t work! And you know what else didn’t work along with that? Google Earth didn’t work because supposedly, “it couldn’t connect.” What was weird is that when I checked network connection and IE, it wasn’t connecting. But when I checked Mozilla and the blipping lights of the modem, everything was fine. I don’t get it. And this is the state of confusion that I am stuck in. So, I have to turn to the few of you who read this for help, anyone know what is wrong?

I conclusion, I hate computer viruses, probably as much as my next door neighbor and blogger. Seriously, what kind of loser/no life spends his time creating something like this? Can’t he or she get a legitimate job or something? Maybe the lucrative business of stealing money and annoying people has a market, who knows. Seriously, jeez, I am annoyed.

Textbooks are a Ripoff-The Rant

August 27, 2009

Can you believe those freaking textbooks? If it weren’t for amazon, I would have shelled out 500 bucks for those piece of crap. It still didn’t make paying for those psychologically any easier. Every purchase, I felt like someone was taking a straw, plunging it in my nose, and slurping my brain. It was that painful.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay over 100 bucks for something we knew a century ago packaged with a little tiny new information. Okay, in science, I would understand, but this is getting ridiculous. Most of what is in the introductory books are just that. Introductory. Which means that most of the subtleties of modern science or modern whatever is out. In history books, they would add some little new events and that is it. But noooo, the sleaze balls these textbook publishers are, they have to throw up another edition every 3 years. And oh yeah, just add another of those crappy CDs that no one uses. And worst of all, there is nothing on those CD except that they link you to another online page! So, they expect me to pay an extra 20-30$ on a piece of plastic that gives you access to the internet! Great, why not just charge us as well for the priviledge of eyeballing their textbooks.

These bookstores make the prices even worse. This one chemistry texbook cost 200$ to buy in the store, while on Amazon, it cost a good portion less than that. Used ones are even better. Then there was this retarded computer application textbook which had no binding or rings in it. If I would have opened it while I was just walking, it would have fallen all over, thereby having to organize 1000 pages of texts. Instead, I am supposed to put that ginormous thing in a ginormous binder. Of course, all I did was to just keep the uneeded chapters out. Frankly, I don’t know why the precalculus text and physics text cost so much. I didn’t see anything special in them. I can get contents as good as those and better online, jeez. For example, this physics blog has a “textbook” which is as good, and FREE!!! Although it is obviously not complete. Then why not use the old ones?! They are as good, really. Newtonian introductory physics hasn’t changed much for decades, maybe a century (although not so sure of this one). For the new stuff, the instructors themselves could come up with stuff. It is not that hard with the advent of the internet. Seriously people, what are some of you thinking?

Oh yeah, I am not using half of the textbooks anyways. Can you believe those bloody administrators or whoever is in charge of this? They make us charge over a 100$, and guess what? The teacher won’t cover half of it because a) there is too much, and b) they are not the subject of the class. This link is a good look about what it is about. 

Oh, and if you look at the English department, the rip off is way worse. They are basically a collection of anthologies which you can pretty much find in the internet for free. Behold, some of the scams chronicled in this blog(you will have to navigate it a bit before you find a post about it).

Oprah Must Be Destroyed and Other Pet Peeves

May 16, 2009

I am really late at the party, but Oprah has been in my conscience for quiet some times. Sure, she can be nice, and give scholarships to 4 students from my school. On the other hand, she is a perpetuator of the typical uninformed, feel the gut type ignorance, thereby promoting horrible woo woos such as… Sorry, it is too horrible… The Secret. All I will say about it is that it is a woo of magnitude -10 in the logarithmic scale of stupidity, stupid quantum woo…

But now, Oprah is beyond redemption. Anyone who gives multimillion dollar contracts to people who put the public in danger, in this case Jenny McCarthy, who espouses antivaccine lies all the time, is dead to me. There is no way I will ever forgive her for this. I really don’t understand. What knowledge do people think they have so that they are able to promote whatever ideas they want without questioning the validity of their products? What makes their opinion more valid than the scientists who figured out all of the medicine and all?  Is it that McCarthy is a parent, and parents know for sure what is wrong with their children? Is the fact that Oprah’s show is so popular makes whatever she utters the truth, which could possibly be  illusory truth? What do these people have? Are they more comforting? Because if so, that is just lame. Because all it seems to me is that they are just driving a type of informational conformity. Because they know freaking nothing, and perhaps they at least once in a life time invite an actual expert and forget all of the “two sides in an argument” BS. Because you know what? The world just doesn’t work the way YOU freaking want them tttooo!!!!! And because of that, I just want to yell at all of you people who are promoting her stuff to STOP!!! I am sorry, I am just angry that Oprah… *furious breathing*

This is all just messed up. People would rather believe in pseudo intellectuals. And you know another thing that is just messed up? A great pop sci magazine Scientific American messed up, that is what is so messed up. What were they thinking? Inviting a homeopath to actually talk on science? Because really, the only “science” I have seen them do is just to give it to someone, and when they just get better, or the disease is in remission, they go tell everyone it works while ignoring all the cases which didn’t work. Not that it is a surprise really, because all it is, it is just water with ultra diluted chemicals, so diluted not even a single foreign molecule is in there. But of course, water has “memories”, while at the same time, forgetting all the dinosaur craps that have been dumped in our oceans for millions of years.

SciAm, what do you think we are, though? Stupid? Why did you give us this cheap article on beauty?Was it to attract the female components? Hell, that is the way it feels like! What, did you  just underestimate the female audiences just like that? Are actual science underneath women? Because you should go back and stick to actual science because you know what? In the end all you are is a freaking science magazine, and I am sorry that you are not a magazine for medical quacks or one of those stupid girly magazines.

Next target… *Creepily turn head around to fake doctor* Stupid chiropractors. So, being offended is libel, ain’t it? Wow, I just committed libel! Because you can’t make no wrong, apparently, so any criticism that you are wrong is libel. But you know what? You are wrong, because you are all full of scientifically unproven shit, no evidence whatsoever to back up your claims except for stories, whose conclusions you wish it were true, or true for everyone else. You are doing this lawsuit, and why? Just because someone had the temerity to tell you in your faces that you were wrong, here is part of the article:

I can confidently label these treatments as bogus because I have co-authored a book about alternative medicine with the world’s first professor of complementary medicine, Edzard Ernst. He learned chiropractic techniques himself and used them as a doctor. This is when he began to see the need for some critical evaluation. Among other projects, he examined the evidence from 70 trials exploring the benefits of chiropractic therapy in conditions unrelated to the back. He found no evidence to suggest that chiropractors could treat any such conditions.

Worst of all, the judge somehow ruled against Simon Singh, in part because in UK, it is the person accused of libel who has the burden of evidence, and it is just much tougher in general. Anyways, read the link the third link of the above paragraph, the ruling is just plain stupid.

When something gets this frustating, don’t you just want to pull your hair out of your follicles? That is how I feel. I swear, I want to understand the phenomena behind these black hole of stupid. Which is why I feel like venting my final anger into spammers. Well, in this case, it is a questionnaire, not a rant because I am curious. They just tick me off for some reason. I don’t get them. Their job is to post links to the websites they promote, and… is that all they do? Tell me, spammers, what is the lucrative business of spamming like? Do you get a life out of doint that? What is your intrinsic and extrinsic reward? There has to be some sort of reward, or you woudn’t be doing it, I am guessing there is some money involved, right? Besides, aren’t your efforts stupidly futile? Because in all of the blogs I have read, none of them allow spam. Oh, I get it, you are hopin to find a crack, that is it. Right? Right? *sigh* Probably discussing stuff with spammers are futile, they probably have the reading and writing skills of 3rd grade, plus, they don’t care anyways.

Wow, maybe I should cut down on my rants next time. But as a final note, Measels, rubella, and mumps, three not so fun viruses, thanks Jenny McCarthy at a chance for life.

a)Me b)h8 c)teh d)Es.A.Tee. e)no error

January 25, 2009

Answer? No error, cause the whole thing is true! I hate the SAT! I had my last SAT yesterday, and I am glad I won’t ever see it again. Seriously, it is one of the dumbest test ever. Supposedly, one is supposed to do an essay in 25 minutes, which is probably the most unproductive part of the whole thing. Seriously, an essay in 25 minutes?! That is so dumb I don’t know where to start. Never mind that students have to be taught to revise the essays, never mind they have to think things through in order to not write BS. That is what I probably wrote on the SAT, some BS mixed with lame “coherent thoughts” with no style at all. Secondly, the whole thing drones on for four hours. Now, no matter how much of a supergenius you are,  your concentration takes you only so far. Indeed, even after I have had two doses of chocolate and a bag of chips, I ended up with a headache pounding rithmically to the pulse of my veins. By the tenth section of the SAT, I could not focus well, and probably got a lot of it wrong. So, in my mind, SAT is not hard because of the problems (though some of the problems do have to be thought for a while), the juggling of the speed you do the questions, or which ones you guess or leave blank, but mainly because of the concentration needed to maintain the blazing speed at which you have to solve the problems. The SAT, then, becomes a marathon of concentration.

At least I did better than last time. ^_^ People think you can’t study for this thing, but knowing what to expect, and developing techniques to approach the problems make a whole world of a difference.

Ten Morons Who Spread Moronic Ideas

December 24, 2008

There is a nice list in Skepchick about 10 idiots who spread idiocies without any human decency. Indeed, these people deserve the worst mockery that the human race can provide. Unfortunately, they are not getting mocked often enough, so it is the blogosphere’s job to do it, since no one else will do it. Out of the list, the one I hate the most is Kevin Trudeau. He is a definite con man who sells his so called “Cures THEY don’t want you to know about.” If you have seen his informertials, his claims are absolutely preposterous, saying basically that he can cure pretty much every disease in the world. I REALLY hate this guy. Now, out of the list, I think George Bush did worse things (like condone torture), but seeing the infommercial directly sucks the humanity out of you. Anyways, he has done other fradulent things, and the worst part is that desperate people actually fall for it. For his part in using desperate people’s need in order to gain money, he deserves a nice kick on his testicles. Actually, he deserves more than that. He deserves to have time slowed down so that one second is 50 seconds for him, and then kick his testicles, so that every second is like an agony of infinite density. At least he got fined 5$ million dollars, but I think he deserves jail (and the punishment I mentioned above). ^_^

Because I once suffered through his informmercial, I decided that you have to suffer through it too. Watch it, and fill your hearts with hate and spite (and go to the dark side of the force).

Wii were stolen

December 20, 2008

That statement is both a pun, and a reality. Apparently, while me and my family were away, some moron decided to climb up the balcony, force the balcony door open, and steal my Wii. The only clue left were the stolen Wii(duh), the knocked over Play Station 2, and the accidentally unplugged internet cable. Those suckers, I hope the cops will catch ’em. It is only a matter of time…

Uh Oh

September 15, 2008

I have a bad feeling about what is about to happen. I was eating chicken with rice when I noticed that it smelled and tasted kind of funny. Not only that, I ate three chicken pieces and a few pieces of carrots. It was hard to notice thanks to the smell of the sauce. I expect a horrible gastrointestinal problem. *pleading it doesn’t happen* If I am lucky, I won’t suffer that at all. I wonder how many hours it takes for it too take effect, or if the pot on stove and microwave heating minimized the effect. *gulp*

Update: Thank goodness nothing happened.

School is Almost Back!! NOOOOO…

August 22, 2008

…NOOOOOO!!!! Woo! I feel relaxed now that I vented it all out. I got my schedule (school didn’t start yet). They screwed up. I tried also getting a study hall, but they eliminated it!! Instead, it is a stupid pass fail class called reading and research. Sounds stupid. I got 4 AP classes. It is not going to be a relaxing year. I think I can take it, though. The two AP classes I had last year wasn’t too hard. The work part, though, is on the heavy side. Also, they didn’t have me on calculus because *mocking tone* “it is too much for me.” I self taught myself some calculus. Take that, suckers! Also, they didn’t have AP physics. BOO!! They don’t have a strong science department. Science, my favourite subject, is being trampled at, and spit at (metaphorically). *sigh*

Then there are other problems. Those include: bad teachers, bad science teacher (that is a separate problem, k?), sucky cafeteria food (even I can cook better! what kind of chiefs are they?), boring lunch time, boring classes, math class with no historical context or teaching of proofing or intuitive grasping of stuffs, uneducated masses wandering around the hallway uttering stupid stuffs, stupid testing in courtesy of All Child Left Behind* and Collegeboard, and other academic blunders that make want to extend this complain to thousands of pages. I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole. Though, if I get out of this hellhole, I would miss the people I know. 😦

*Actually, it is No Child Left Behind, but I disagree. 🙂