Deep Down the Gravity Well

January 8, 2010

Have you wondered, how deep down the gravity well are we in? Me neither. But this xkcd comic let us know:

It turns out it is a really good picture of what a “gravity well” is, which has to do with the amount of speed, thereby energy needed to climb out of the well and prevent yourself from clawing at the wall and falling. Now you know how come you need a giant rocket to get out of this really deep well we call Earth. Of course, compared to the giant planets and the gargantuan sun, Earth’s well is nothing. Falling into Jupiter must make one heck of a nasty experience…

Galaxy Zoo Blogging

January 3, 2010

After the weeks long rest from blogging, I would like to show a few pics I had been classifying on Galaxy Zoo:

Merger galaxies:

Beautiful edge on spiral:

Annoyng star in the way:

Weirdly disturbed galaxy:

If I get anything else that is much prettier than these murky pictures, I will be sure to tell ya. ^_^

Solo Sailing

December 2, 2009

Recently, I found a blog of a 16 years old girl set out to become the youngest soloer to circumnavigate the Earth. Yikes, that takes dedication. The closest thing to an adventure I have come to is traversing Hyrule in Legend of Zelda, which is only a videogame. I know, sad. 🙂 The other interesting thing to note in the About page:

Anything outdoors and on the water, camping, the beach, reading, cooking, weather, fencing, dingy sailing, boat design and CHOCOLATE!

See that? She upped me by capping chocolate. That already makes this blog the second best in the world.

Also, me, being a science guy (especially astronomy), has another thing of interest (thanks to Universe Today) is this entry:

I’m not much of an Astronomer but with all this talk of meteor showers last night, I was keeping an extra good eye out and did see the most amazing shooting star. It was so bright and big that I was actually a bit spooked before realizing what it was. But I can’t tell you what I wished for though!

Bright and big… Hmm… Was the meteor as cool as this?

A New Milestone

December 1, 2009

For the first time in this blog history, I have a thousand viewers in a month:

Hip hip! Hooray! 

Hip hip! Hooray!

So yeah, I would like to thank the reader for my new milestone too. ^_^

Planet Icosahedron and Astronomy Stuff

November 19, 2009

I, having nothing of interest, think there are a few links I think you would like:

Planet Icosahedron: Basically, it is like a planet globe, but instead, it is a icosahedron (duh). Anyways, the images for them have been created by the various spacecrafts that have been near the planets. Very neat stuff. (via skepchick)

Can it be? Finally, a visible evidence of dark matter? It is possible, although we have to wait for the results, so don’t get your hopes up. ^_^ (via Cosmic Variance)

Cool astrnomy picture of ISS going in front of the moon. ’nuff said.

(via badastrnomy)

Hubble found a large dusty galaxy with an ethereal X (via universe today). Badastrnomy has a detailed analysis of it, if you like those kind of stuffs.

Oh, and the Planetary Society Blog posted this cool interaction between the moons of Saturn:

I Made It in 123rd Skeptic’s Circle

November 5, 2009

That’s right, I have a post linked in the carnival. Yay! I took my first baby step towards blogosphere domination. ^_^ Now, competition for blogosphere domination is tough, so I don’t know if I will make it. Of course, you should go and see all the other enlightening posts too, and they are probably better than mine.

A Few Links to Start the Day

October 23, 2009

Firstly, a blogroll, I found a good blog dedicated to challenging global warming denialism.

A lot of time, I hear people comparing science to religion. I don’t think science is a religion, and this person explains it perfectly. (hat tip primate diaries)

Also, can you believe it? Oprah talks about Denmark, its really good social situation, and  the fact that atheism might not be that bad.

Finally, there is the infuriating situation in Nigeria in which the rise of evangelical Christian is causing a witch hunt, specifically, children. Absolutely unfuckingbelieveable. What time period is this, the 13th century? Whatever happened to reality and the following lesson: you can’t trust a religious leader? Because like always, they are trying brainwash people in order to advance themselves, and they don’t care how they do it. Really, religion being a good force in the world. People always tell me that morality comes from God. It makes a stupid little difference if you believe in a god or not, if you are a piece of crap of a human being, you are a piece of crap, and I don’t care what you believe or how much it hurts your feelings. These sort of things is the reason why I care so much about rationality, skepticism, and reality. If you know what is real, you know what is harmful, and what is not, you are aware that doing certain things won’t do anything. You are able to navigate the world in the most beneficial way possible. You don’t use the stupid argument that superstition comforts you. Comfort my ass, if you want comfort  for the expense of everyone else, then such comfort is not worth it. The following video, oh I love it so much. The news analyst explains precisely why we need to explain things based in facts, why education and science is important in curbing superstition, and stresses the importance that we base our actions on what is real! Especially, he points to the fact that having beliefs that are not true, you enable such mode of uncritical thinking, which spreads like a virus, reaching moronic people who in turn brainwash others. We need more analysts like him who are able to defend skepticism and reality like that. So, credits to Cenk.