Hosni Mubarak Goes Down!

February 11, 2011

It looks like Egypt’s revolution, fueled by gatherings through the internet and Tunisia’s success, succeeded. It ended in the removal of Hosni Mubarak, president of Egypt for around 30 years. I give congratulations for Egyptians, for they have taken their first step towards democracy, and the lives of 300 people were not wasted in vain.  Now, things aren’t 100% safe because what matters the most is that Mubarak is not replaced by another egomaniacal dictator during the transition, which has happened to so many other revolutions. The eighteen straight days of mass protests were one of the bravest things I have seen people do in my life. I hope that when it comes to it, I hope the rest of us can be that brave.

In a way, this kind of reminds of Europe’s revolution of 1848. Many protests, inspired by the French February revolution, spread throughout Europe. Unlike the European revolutions that happened back then, though, the Arab revolution is actually pretty successful, and people had modern telecommunication technology on their side.

Irritating Internet Blackout

August 4, 2008

Internet blackouts are really irritating. I was using it, and when I was transfering to another page, suddenly, there was an error message. “Ooops, sorry, we are unable to connect to the server.” I checked the connection, and nothing. I reboot the computer, and nothing. So, I called Comcast. After getting through the annoyng automatic voice machine, I found that I must wait for someone to pick up my call. As I waited, a highly irritating music came through the speaker, and at the same time, I was washed over with stupid advertisements I could hardly care about. For goodness sake, I am already using their stupid service! Finally someone picked up, and afterwards, you give the person any relevant informations, reboot, and the internet works again.

It happened 3 times in a single week once. My god! How hard could it be to maintain this thing! Okay, maybe it is hard, or maybe some storm disrupted the service, I don’t know. I am just highly annoyed that it keeps happening. Maybe I can make up a conspiracy theory, typical standards of people who think the whole world is against them. Hmm… I know! Maybe they keep doing it so that when I have to wait for someone to answer my call, they can bombard me with their stupid ads for people who are already using their service.

I am so smart. 🙂