Video Games Live and Tetris

December 11, 2009

This is just more links I think are interesting.

Firstly, there is the college humor video of the Tetris god:

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You know that feeling you get sometimes when you play Tetris that it seems like the line pieces arrive in the most inconvinient moment? The feeling that the game is intentionally trying to get you? The video plays on that, which is why if you have ever played tetris, it is really funny.

Also, I found music from video games live. Video games live is basically an orchestrated concert of video game musics. I really love video game musics. Not only are they catchy, they set up the atmosphere of a game, so I consider it an important part of the experience. One of my favorite is this one, from Wind Waker:


Choose: People Play Games for…

January 18, 2009

a) The violencean, or b) the experience and freedom and sense of accomplishment? According to research, the answer is b). There is a video on it:

Video game violence is a concern, and rightfully so because people after all do imitate behaviors based on certain models, and it has been shown that the brain part that has to do with aggression do lit up. Also, blames after certain  violent crimes are placed on games, and the question is whether they can be blamed on games. From what I know, certain crimes did increase when TV became very popular. While they are correlations, an onset of one did follow the onset of another one. So it is a complex thing. Of course, I doubt most people go into a criminal frenzy after playing video games, but it is a good area of research to follow.

To end in a lighter note, someone did a Mario Paint music version of a theme in Mario Galaxy. It is an incredibly accurate version:

I’m Back!!

December 7, 2008

I had to do a one week hiatus, I have been busy with homework, unfortunately, I may have to put off more stuff. So, yeah, *schwarzenegger’s voice* I am back.

*cue dramatic music*

…Ok, I admit it, it is just an excuse to put that music there. But it is a cool video game music. Anyways, it is from Final Fantasy X, as you can see.

Video Game Music on Piano

October 15, 2008

Do you love videogames? Do you love music? And do you love piano? Then this website (vgvids) is for you! Basically, you can check out people doing videogame music in pianos and in a few times, guitar. One of my favorite is this one:

This one:

And finally, this one: