Cool Geometry and Topology

August 26, 2008

I found a serious of cool math videos about cool geometry and topology stuffs (thanks to A Blog Around the Clock). Also, it has stuffs about the fourth dimension, ooohh… mysterious. Well, the fourth dimension is actually only in our minds, an abstraction. It exists mathematically, but we don’t know if it exists in the real world. And no, space and time doesn’t count because we are talking of spatial dimension. All we can know about an nth dimension above. Another one I found really cool is the imaginary number, and that one is surprising. I never realized the beautiful kind of things that could be created with them. Here is the link to the webpage of the video, and I posted a video myself on this blog. (Darn! How do I eliminate the sidebar?!) Anyways, whoever made this made a heck of a job and I congratulate them! One of the most awesome math videos ever.

Vodpod videos no longer available.