The Spirit of Videogaming

November 9, 2009

I have two interesting links relating to videogames.

The first one is on the status of videogames in my homeland, Venezuela. It seems like the Venezuelan government, oh so benevolent like always, is banning them as if they were weapons. Frankly, I don’t know how the Venezuelan people think while electing all of these people. Perhaps they are all corrupt. From what I have read on Venezuelan history and politics, the situation has always been precarious. I remember those times, school cancelled due to weeks of strikes and marches, or the coup which attempted to overthrow Chavez. And there was the riot which traumatized the country, El Caracazo, which happened before I was born. 

Oh well, not that it matters. Most games being sold in Venezuela are pirated, which I and my brother had a fare share of. You see, buying legal games in Venezuela is completely impractical for us working middle class family, and for the huge poor population of the country. I remember when a Gamecube used to cost 500,000 Bolivares, which is around 250 bucks. Thanks to that, I skipped a whole generation of gaming (around 6 years). Now, consider the huge number compared to the small dollar, though. It means the money is somewhat worthless and so getting that amount is just very expensive. Plus, all dollar transactions in Venezuela is done in the black market, so technically, the money is even more worthless. Now games cost like what, 500,000 and a console is around 1,000,000? That is madness, who would buy those stuffs except for the filthy rich.

The other interesting link is the interview of mainly Miyamoto (whom I admire, being father of videogaming and all) and Iwata, and other creative minds behind Nintendo’s awesome products and games. It tells you a bit about videogaming philosophy, their ideas, and what their thoughts are of the way things are going. Very interesting stuffs, so read up!

Oh, and before I leave, something funny that “explains” Mario’s crazy adventures:

(hat tip gonintendo)


Random Stuff I Feel Like Posting

February 22, 2009

I am here just trying to make up for missing days of posting (I had school work to do, inclucing an AP Bio project)

Firstly, me want this:

Touchscreen Cell Phone with Projector

Touchscreen Cell Phone with Projector

It has a freaking projector! Albeit I wouldn’t know what to do with it. It does show things in DVD quality, though.

Secondly, if there ever is a Half Life movie, Hugh Laurie HAS TO PLAY Gordon Freeman. He just have to. There is no other way. Look at this:

There are other comparisons made, some very creepily similar, others not so much.

Thirdly, there recently has been some sort of violence in Venezuela after the referendum to get rid of the term limit for a president, mainly by university students. Why are young people always so foolish! (I have the right to complain, I am 18) Young people always seem to be the reckless kind. If you ask me, that election was completely fair. In fact, recently I have kind of been changing my mind on Chavez. Note, I still don’t like him, but he seems to bring good stuff to Venezuela, a country which has a high division between rich and poor, and a vast amount of corruption that had seeped into the government. He is not the Eeeevvvillll kind of guy everyone believes him to be, or at least not yet. Time will tell, though he is still extremely obnoxious. In fact, what is the problem with term limits if both sides will be able to vote their positions? Albeit things under Chavez are getting more state controlled, there seems to be some suppresion to the opposition (I am becoming less sure of this one myself, though, so don’t take this one too seriously), and it just seems like an attempt to keep maintaining power. I think both of these people (one supports Chavez, the other one don’t) bring fair points to the conversation. Too bad I am not a Venezuelan history expert, since I don’t know how to separate between historical truth and falsehood. I don’t know how reliable this website is, though they do sound like they know what they are doing, and they do use data and stuff.

Fourthly, there is a cool experiment which extracts nucleic acid:

Get aroun the web site, it has great experiments! Also, there is a related page, and found an article on sex in space. (and since I posted something of sex, this will surely drive a spike in traffic… maybe ^_^)

Fifthly, a meteor fell recently:

(both of above: hat tip to badastronomy)

I also forgot carnival of space 90.

Finally, there is a youtube channel of JREF, which has James Randi speaking on videos. *screams like a girl* You should see other stuff from him. He basically pawns all the woo woo claimants, including astrology. He is an incredible skeptic, and his contributions and works, which promote critical thinking, debunk woos, and raise awareness of these issues, can’t be overstated enough. He is kind of like my hero. ^_^ Here is his first video of Randi speaks:

Oh Crap, Venezuela is Doomed

February 16, 2009

Something terrible happened in Venezuela right now, and I care because I lived there a few years ago. In a referendum for people to vote whether Chavez could amend the constitution whatever he wanted to, the result was yes. Also, he plans to run, as any dictator in history shows, indefinitely. If you understand spanish, then here you go, El Universal, a Venezuelan newspaper.