Bishonen Scientists?!

November 7, 2010

Okay, while going around in the web, I found a great piece of art in the blog There Are Four Lights. It was actually posted in 2009, so it is pretty old, but no matter. It is basically Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Carl Sagan drawn in anime bishonen style:

What do you think? I personally like it, even if Isaac Newton looks way too female-ish and Einstein doesn’t even look remotely like the way he did even in his younger days.

America: You Can’t Even Rub Two Collective Neurons Together

November 3, 2010

So, last night I was left very disappointed with  Actually, that is an understatement, I am fucking mad! There must be a rational explanation for this result. Maybe half of American population consists of goldfish who can’t even remember which party was ruling during the Bush years. Maybe Americans are the ficklest people in the world, considering last election’s results. Or maybe, these uneducated morons haven’t been reading their politics, and are forgetting that Republicans (at least in the federal level, I don’t know locally), especially in the senate, are consistently voting against their self interests, obstructing any bills that come their way. OR MAYBE, young stupid Democrats are not voting because they are disappointed, forgetting what the alternative looks like. Whatever it is, America lost its fucking collective mind.

America, you disappointed me in the biggest way possible. I thought that even with the loud voices, a whole lot of you would ignore it and vote rationally. In fact, various polls made it clear that a whole lot of you actually wanted what the Democrats have been proposing. But even with those polls, I see the whole lot of you dropping in your position (health care being it, as I see in the polls) as the time goes by because you are too lazy and stupid to check the facts given by the American media and Republican talking points. I thought stupid and lazy Americans was a stereotype. Apparently, I was wrong. Insteady, you suckers are drinking up the Republican propaganda kool aid. So much so that 20% of you guys believe that Obama is a Muslim. Worst of all, and I am talking to you, Wisconsin, you let Russ Feingold down, one of the few principled politician who was actually the only one who voted against the Patriots Act. I am by now, convinced that at least 20% of you are stupid/ignorant, and probably more of you are now that the election results are up.

Fellow Americans (by that, I mean those who voted Republicans and stupid Democrats that didn’t vote), you suck, and all the terrible things that are going to happen and all the bills that are not going to happen will be thanks to you and your collective short term memory.

Dear America

November 2, 2010

You better get this freaking right! Right now, the sanity of America is in the balance. If Republicans take  back congress, there will be political paralysis. You know what happened, with record breaking filibuster. Also, to those democrats who are not voting because they are disappointed, do you really want that kind of political paralysis? Do you? You may think that Obama is bad (in my opinion, he is okay), but if you let those morons take over, and things get worse, you have no one to blame but yourselves. The only good thing to come out so far of this election is that Cristine O’Donell lost. Here is the election so far.