A Way To Detect Dark Stuff?

November 29, 2008

That is what I call matter: stuff. ^_^ Doesn’t Dark Stuff sound catchy? What d’you mean it’s lame!?

Anyways, Cosmic Variance has an article about how annihilating dark stuff may enable scientists to detect it. There is a hypothesis that these annihilating dark stuffs will create normal stuffs. Of course, it may or may not hold water. After all, that dark stuff is… well, dark, and dark in its origin, and dark in our knowledge of it. It would be cool to know what kind of stuff is dark stuff, though.

Cute Octopus…

November 29, 2008

…from PZ’s page, Friday Cephalopod feature. This may be the only cute octopus that exists in this universe, so enjoy it while you can. ^_^


Carnival of Space 81

November 29, 2008

Well, here is the next carnival. Enjoy. (You better, or you are an ungreatful person ^_^)

Blogger Helping During Terrorist Attack

November 29, 2008

At CNN, I found the news story about a blogger who is trying to help the terrorist situation in Mumbai by posting about victims and stuff. It is amazing that blogging and the internet is becoming more influential. The internet has grown so much… It is like a baby who learned to walk. *sniff* Sorry, lost my cool there. ^_^

Where in the Universe?

November 29, 2008

This feature in Universetoday asks you to identify the picture of a place in the Solar System, and the spacecraft/probe that took the picture. Go and try it out, you get to see cool pictures! Like this one:

Ooh! And there is some stuff on the Saturnian moon Enceladus! There may be underground water that powers the geyser of the moon!

Some Science Videos

November 29, 2008

While surfing on the net, I found a few cool videos, all science related (sorry, this is a sci blog…)

Firstly, I found a few videos in Wired via skepchick.

This, I think, is one of the coolest one, it is a human cell chasing a bacteria.

Then, in PZ’s blog, I found contest videos about scientists dancing in order to tell what their research entails. I don’t get what they mean, but still, if you like dancing, then enjoy!

More Chandrayaan-1 News

November 29, 2008

…from the Planetary Society’s Blog, like always. It took some nice pictures of the moon. It seems that it has a problem with an instrument, though. Click on it to expand!

Carnivals of…

November 28, 2008

Once again, I am behind in my postings. I need a big kick on my butt. So, here is what I will do this time. I will post four carnivals. That is right. Four in one!

For Carnival of Space, there are 79 and 80 that came out.

Then, there is the 100th Skeptic’s Circle at Orac’s blog.

How about some philosophical musing in the Philosopher’s Carnival?

Oh, and how about feeling all smug in the Carnival of Elitist Bastards?

And if you want more, this guy, who has the ability to link a million articles without going mad, linked a lot of carnivals, so you can go and visit each one! The post will also teach you lessons on carnivals.

Has Nintendo Lost the Hardcore Gamers?

November 28, 2008

According to this editorial from IGN, this year hasn’t amounted to much, which I agree. The article doesn’t say an outright yes, what it does say, though, is that it is taking a bit too long for those types of games to be released. Also, the crap that the third parties are releasing are not helping. Seriously, have you seen the crap that the third party people releases! *cough*Ninjabread Man*cough* Anyways, it is an interesting article, so I thought I should put it up here. ^_^

Brahe and Kepler

November 27, 2008

Ok, this is the post I kind of have been putting off. This one is based on the astronomy club lecture, you can check out the topics in the web site. I just wanted to share with you the knowledge. ^_^ I actually knew most of what was in the lecture, but the lecture gave me the idea about what to write. Oh, and I want you to realize that what I am doing is an oversimplification of history. After all, I can’t go on forever. So here I go: Read the rest of this entry »