Dear Vaccine Scaredycats (A Patronizing Personal Letter to Vaccine Misinformers)

As you all know, seasonal flu is coming around, and with it, the danger of swine flu. If you are informed on this, you know it can be a fatally serious disease. Then why did I hear from my brother, who got back from high school, that supposedly the vaccines were not safely tested when it was FDA approved? Considering that high school is a public space, it would be pretty useful if everyone was in on the vaccination program because you know, bad luck if that one sneeze sends droplets of virus infested mucus all over. Unless, of course, if you belive that the government and pharmaceutical companies are in a conspiracy to take over the world, and that the scientists are just souless machines that are in on it, not caring whether they themselves or their families get sick.  And please, don’t listen to those idiotic news media which likes to create manufactroversy just to get stories and sell them to drooling idiots all over the country. You don’t want to be part of them, do you?

Whatever the case is, look, for vaccines to work, you need a lot of people to get vaccinated in order to create herd immunity because if we don’t get herd immunity, the disease will spread like falling dominoes. So get educated, stop spreading lies or misinformation, and be actually productive to society!




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