Summer Reading Assignment

I really detest them. They send you to read a bunch of books, mostly consisting of boring classics, and make you choose the lesser evils. Last year, I had the misfortune to read Emma, and it was so boring, and long *shiver*… Anyways, they make you take notes, and then write an essay. That is freaking retarded. A book is no fun if you stop to write notes every so often from the book. Frankly, they should give us a break. We spend 10 months in classes, mostly boring ones, and they do this to us. What kind of monsters are they! 😉 This year, I am reading Cien Anos de Soledad, and La Casa de los Espiritus. They better be good! I remember Charles Dicken’s books and Huckleberry Finn. I did not enjoy them at all. My favorite classic is Watership Down (can that be considered classic?), and I hope you have read it, or else…


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